Top 10 Tips For Photography Beginners

Not everyone wants to be a professional photographer, but surely everyone who takes photos wants them to look good. After all, photos keep our memories better than we can. So without making this complicated, here are some tips on how to make your snaps better. 1. When taking pictures of people, their heads should be in the top one third of the frame, not in the middle. 2. Look at the background before you take the picture. If your people are standing in front of something ugly or distracting, have them move over to a better spot. 3. Likewise, make sure everyone’s face is in the sun or light. Move them out of the dappled shade and take off hats with bills that cast shade on the face. It doesn’t work when one is in shade, another is in sun, and a third has both playing across her face. 4. Don’t take pictures of objects or people when you’re facing the sun. The front of the object or the faces will be in shadow. The best way to remember this is the people you’re going to take pictures of should be complaining about the sun in their eyes. 5. Don’t take pictures towards a bright background, like a window, because the camera will adjust to the light background and the objects/people in front will be big shadows. 6. Sometimes you’re taking an important photo on an important day; pay attention to the people in the frame. Are their hands okay or do they look awkward? Do the heights match up? For example, you don’t want 3 tall people in a row and then a 4th short person on the end of the lineup. Can you see all the faces? 7. If you’re trying to snap action pictures, take a lot of them. Keep snapping and try to point your camera a little ahead of the direction the action is moving. 8. When taking action shots, the tendency is to move yourself. Remember to be planted and still when actually taking the photos. 9. When you’re sightseeing, for example, and you want someone to take your picture with your camera, find a mom with kids. You can be pretty sure she’s not going to run off, at least not quickly anyway, with your camera. 10. Don’t let the restaurant waiter take your group shot, or make them take a few from different angles. They tend to cut some people off, probably because they’re in a hurry. It might seem hard at first to remember everything and still get a shot fairly quickly. But pretty soon these things will be second nature and you’ll be composing the photo in your head before you even think to bring the camera up to your eye.


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