Another Lovely Cattle Photo

This is another test post, placed here to help me manage the images in my header slide show.

Interestingly enough, the group of cattle I photographed outside the gate at Fort Hood has provided me with some true Texas inspiration! I’m also loving how the infrared images are turning out, when processed as fully black and white images (vs. channel switching w/colors). I’m going to order the full size copy of this one on canvas to hang up in my office. Nice!

Infrared image of a cattle found grazing outside the Fort Hood, Texas, gate.
Photo captured outside the gates at Fort Hood, TX, using an infrared (IR)-converted Nikon D40.

African Watusi in Texas?

Yet another test post. Learning quite a bit today!

This African Watusi was spotted at the Topsey Exotic Ranch in Copperas Cove, Texas. This is not a “Texas Longhorn”. 😉

An African Watusi, found in Central Texas!
An African Watusi, found in Central Texas!