What to wear

Clothing, Where to start:

When trying to put together outfits for larger groups, try to coordinate, not match. Feel free to mix and match stripes and small patterns. Pick 3-4 colors and mix them all in. Layers are always a good idea and provide a lot of interest and makes it easy to remove an article of clothing and have a totally different look. Hats, scarves, jackets, boots, etc. All accessories are welcome.


Dressing for family photos is about coordinating, not necessarily matching. Choose 3-4 colors, some neutral, some brighter, and mix and match them among family members. If you need help on this, Pinterest is a treasure trove of ideas and information (see a link below to my board on outfit ideas).

Maternity Sessions
I love to photograph expecting mothers! I think that it is an amazingly beautiful time that is meant to be cherished. 1-2 months before your due date is the best time for a maternity session.

When choosing an outfit for your maternity photos, look for clothes that will accentuate your belly. Talk to me about your outfits, as I may also have some maternity gowns you’d be welcome to use for your session.


Newborn sessions can take place in a studio, or the convenience of your own home. It is best to photograph newborns during the first three weeks of life because they are more likely to sleep through different settings, and they take well to being positioned. During your newborn session, I can set up my portable studio and take a combination of studio and lifestyle pictures.

Children and Babies

Cute hats, shoes, and small props from their rooms are great! A little color is always welcome. If you don’t enjoy very colorful clothing, a flower or cute hat can be just that splash of color that makes a photo really pop. I would avoid large logos and writing on clothing. If you’re not sure what to wear, you can always start with simple jeans and a shirt, and we can add from there.

For babies (other than newborns), the best time for photos is when they first start sitting by themselves. At this point, babies usual smile more and react to their environment. That is usually the time when babies start to get those chubby little cheeks, and who doesn’t love that?


With three teenage boys of my own, I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHING SENIORS! It’s best to bring along both dressy and more casual outfits so you have a good variety. I also recommend wearing neutral colors with small pops of color in your accessories. I would avoid wearing too bright of colors and patterns all over. Neutral colors will remain timeless and fashionable for years to come. That way you won’t be showing your senior pictures to your kids one day and thinking, “What was I wearing?” Overall, wear something that represents who you are and something that you like to wear.

Couples/Engagements sessions

Like family photos, it’s about coordinating. With engagement and couple’s sessions, you’ll probably want two or three outfits, some dressy and some casual. Choose something you would normally wear and your personalities and love will shine through.

CLICK HERE to visit my Pinterest board for more ideas on what to wear for your photography session.