When you have a professional family or senior portrait made it’s a big occasion. If you’re like most people, a professional portrait isn’t something you do very often so you want to think carefully about your appearance. Here are some pointers on what to expect before, during and after your photography session:

*What to Expect ~ What to expect before, during and after your photography session.

Your family, senior, or children’s portrait freezes a moment in time. You’ll want everyone to look their very best. That includes selecting the right clothing to wear, taking care of your skin, getting haircuts, and deciding what to do about eyeglasses.

How casual or formal are you and your family? Jeans and t-shirts or suit and tie? What colors work best? Check out this page for some tips on what to wear:

*What to Wear ~ Clothing considerations for different photography sessions.

Need additional advice? I’m very happy to help you plan. Some clients will email or text me photos of their clothing options for my feedback. It’s definitely okay to bring extra clothing so you can swap out as needed, especially with children who may accidentally get their outfits dirty during a session.