Sunflowers in Kansas!

KLMarkert at Grinter's Farm

Self portrait shot somewhere in a sunflower field at Grinter’s Farm, September 4, 2016.


Good morning! It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog. Where have I been? Let’s see… We’ve moved to Kansas! Yeah! In the spirit of our new state, my first blog post here will be of the gorgeous sunflowers we’ve seen out at Grinter’s Farm in Reno, KS, off Hwy 24-40, between Tonganoxie & Lawrence. I made a few trips out there in early September, to photograph the flowers at sunrise, and to bring a small group from my photography club.

Before bringing a group out to the farm, I scouted it out for myself early one Sunday morning. Wow, was that an exercise in patience and persistence! Waiting for the sun to rise wasn’t so bad, really. After dragging all my gear (camera bag, drone back pack, rolling bag with crystal balls and other goodies, and step-ladder) into the middle of the front field, sitting among the quiet, graceful flowers was actually quite peaceful. I even made two new photographer friends as we waited, ladies who were also out before dawn to capture a few sunrise photos!

Sunflower Sunrise at Grinter's Farm

Sunflowers at sunrise, Grinter’s Farm, Lawrence, KS, September 4, 2016.

Yes, I’ve started a photography club! My Coffee and Cameras group is a sub-club of the Fort Leavenworth Spouses’ Club. Since I’ve just moved up here, the outing to see the sunflowers was the first meeting I’d had with our group members. The sunflowers simply wouldn’t wait for me to finish unpacking and get organized first (uh… Me, organized?). We met up, drove out, and had a FUN time! Once again I dragged out all my bags, and we took the standard photos, crystal ball photos, even played a little with some maternity shots (thank you to our guest model!), and everyone had a hand at flying the drone, too!

Collage from Field Trip to Grinter’s Farm, Sept. 7, 2016.

There are still sunflowers blooming at Grinter’s Farm, and at Schwinn Produce Farm in Leavenworth, KS. I’m not heading back out this year, though, as I still have more unpacking to do, painting of walls, doctor appointments to make, and much more fun already filling my calendar. Until next year, I’ll just keep playing around with the photos I’ve already taken, cleaning some up, and prep some pieces for canvases to be hung in our new home.

Sunflowers in Crystal Ball, before and after in Lightroom

Sunflowers in Crystal Ball, before and after in Lightroom. I’ve touched up the photo a bit, taking out some of the sun and dust spots, minimizing the stand (after flipping the photo upside down).

Sunflower Shimmer

Sunflower Shimmer. Image from my sunflower sunrise photos, shot Sept. 6, 2016. I first did some basic editing with Lightroom, then used a shimmer action in Photoshop.

Ahhh… From Texas bluebonnets to the sunflowers in Kansas, flowers have definitely made our moves much more fun. Below is my first ever short GoPro video, shot from my 3DR Solo drone. Enjoy! 🙂

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