In Chengdu!

This has been a most interesting rest stop! I stick out here. Not sure if it’s because I’m the only blondie, or the Santa hat. Tough call. Finally found someone who could not only speak English, but helped me get online! Yeah! I can’t get on Facebook, gmail, or many other sites, but somehow pulled this one up. Found duck here, but, uh… opted out of eating it. Had some goose noodle soup instead. Again, interesting. 😉 I’ll see if any pics can be added to this post.

Next flight leaves in a bit. I’ll head to the gate after posting this. I had a window seat out of Kathmandu, and absolutely stunning views of the mountain ranges! Just magical. We hung a left after Mount Everest, then on into China. And yes, I really did high five Santa on the way out, too. 😉

Merry Christmas, everyone!



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    1. Hi, Paula! I can’t wait to get home and see my boys, again! Almost there… 😉

      I didn’t have much time to process the photos and write when I was in Nepal, between traveling and the little “tummy bug.” There is much more to follow later!

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