Half Mound Schoolhouse

Half Mound Schoolhouse
Half Mound Schoolhouse, Kansas

As I work on some photos, the presidential debate is playing on the TV in the background. I’m looking at this old building that I photographed yesterday, wondering who lived, worked or studied in it so many, many years ago. How many presidents have lead our country since this structure was built? Trains used to pass through the area, near the spot I stood on when taking this photo. How many people flew past this building and land, traveling by rail from other corners of our country? This building is still standing. It appears empty now, but with walls that could probably tell many stories. Somehow generations of people have lived on this very land, under the leadership of many different governors, congressmen, senators and presidents. I have no fear about whom we elect, our country will continue to struggle, change, and grow. More fields of crops will be sowed and reaped. We will live through more history. We will be okay.



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