From Kathmandu to China on Christmas Day

Santa over mountains

I saw Santa as we flew over the mountais! I really, really did! MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE! 🙂

Well, I’m pre-writing this post because it looks like my wi-fi capabilities in the airport will be limited at best. That said…

MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM CHINA!!!!! If my plane left Kathmandu on time, I should now be in China, 14 hours ahead of you. So, if this post hits at 5 a.m. Christmas morning, that would make it 7 p.m. in Chengdu, China. As this post hits, I’m hopefully off the plane from Kathmandu, managing my way through the airport to somewhere I can wait for the next plane.

Hmmm… What to eat for Christmas dinner in China? Light bulb moment…

Yes. Yes, I went there. As soon as I get settled in the airport here in China, I’m hunting my some “Chinese turkey” for my Christmas dinner.

By the way, I DID see Santa and his reindeer as we flew over the Himalayan Mountains! He and I shared a quick high-five and went on our ways (ignore the physics of my high-fiving out their airplane window at 30K+ feet). He was working hard and fast, trying to reach all of the homes on his way to you all in the U.S. I hope you woke up with the plate of cookies you left for him empty, and the presents he left for you under your tree.

My best presents are waiting for me at home. My heart is just happy thinking about them, and I can’t wait to see them soon. Send some prayers my way on this Christmas Day, that I may get home safe and soon. Please save me some leftovers, too. Just in case I wasn’t able to find my Chinese turkey at the airport. 😉

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